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Whitepaper: How will COVID-19 shape used car markets?
This is the seventh update to our analysis of the impact that the coronavirus will have on societies, the economy and used car markets. Following the emergence of Europe’s automotive sector from coronavirus  lockdowns, a three-speed development of residual values (RVs) has prevailed across the region.
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Podcast: How is European automotive adapting to pandemic and climate-change fallout?
Video: Europe’s registrations struggle in February but improvements to come 

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9 March 2021
Daily Brief editor Phil Curry and journalist Tom Geggus discuss key activities and developments in the European automotive sector from the past fortnight. These include COVID-19’s effect on the uptake of mobility-as-a-service (MAAS), different fuel types, and autonomous technology.
10 March 2021
Autovista Group Daily Brief editor Phil Curry discusses the registration figures from Europe's big five automotive markets. While numbers may be down, the outlook for the whole year is more positive...

Further resilience in European used-car demand during the first quarter
Emissions will rise as global transport activity doubles
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Cars from EU could see 10% UK tariff unless trade deal achieved
14 May 2021
Senior data journalist Neil King considers how the big five European used-car markets developed in the first quarter of 2021.
Demand and supply: preparing for the future
17 May 2021
Transport activity will more than double worldwide by 2050, and emissions will increase by 16% compared to 2015, even if existing commitments to decarbonise are met. This bleak reality was revealed by intergovernmental organisation, the International Transport Forum (ITF) in its latest published projections.
The EU big four new-car markets deteriorate in April
UK new-car market climbs alongside consumer confidence in April
Cars from EU could see 10% UK tariff unless trade deal achieved
6 May 2021
Autovista Group senior data journalist Neil King explores the significance of the downturns in the EU’s four largest markets in April 2021, compared to April 2019.
Demand and supply: preparing for the future
6 May 2021
The UK’s new-car market showed promising recovery signs last month as lifting lockdowns allowed showrooms to reopen their doors. Consumer confidence continues to climb alongside the vaccination rollout, and a relatively low infection rate.
European new-car registration figures deceptive on first inspection
Auto Shanghai 2021: The key unveilings
Cars from EU could see 10% UK tariff unless trade deal achieved
20 April 2021
Registrations in Europe's biggest markets saw improvements in March 2021, some more dramatic than others. But as Daily Brief editor Phil Curry explains, all is not as it seems.
Demand and supply: preparing for the future
26 April 2021
Over the course of the last year, motor shows have been postponed, digitised, and cancelled. But as Auto Shanghai opened its doors, the automotive industry got a chance to showcase the latest models up close and in person. Daily Brief editor Phil Curry, senior data journalist Neil King, and journalist Tom Geggus, discuss some of the key unveilings.

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